iPhone's best new keyboard comes from Microsoft

The keyboard known as Word Flow has come to iOS this morning, complete with custom backgrounds and one-handed typing features. This app was previously only available for Windows Phone devices – believe it or not – and will now be available optimized for iPhones of all sizes. That means that regardless of if you're using a tiny iPhone SE or the monstrously sized iPhone 6 Plus, this keyboard is sized just right.

Using the keyboard is easy. Installing the keyboard is not. Like any other iOS 3rd-party keyboard, users will need to open Settings. Then go to General, then Keyboard, then Keyboards (with an S), then Add New Keyboard, then, assuming you've got Word Flow already installed, you'll tap Word Flow.

But that's not all. Once you've tapped Word Flow, you'll also need to tap Word Flow again, and grand the keyboard full access. Then, and only then, a Key Flow user will you be.

To then actually use the keyboard, you'll want to go into an app like Safari and tap the URL bar. You could also go to a messenger app or any number of other keyboard-friendly apps.

Once you've opened your keyboard, you'll want to tap the Globe icon in the lower left-hand side. Tap a few times until you've reached the new keyboard, and there you are!

This keyboard learns your spelling preferences, watches how fast you type, and has an arc mode that's friendly for one-handed typing.

This app is free in the App Store and will likely be the first in a line of similar Garage apps from Microsoft released to iOS.