iPhone Xs gets a hands-on leak with hours to spare

JC Torres - Sep 11, 2018, 8:26pm CDT
iPhone Xs gets a hands-on leak with hours to spare

The leak problem isn’t just confined to the Android world. Granted, there are more things to leak there but an iPhone leak is almost worth five Android ones. Especially considering how rare the former is. That’s why there’s bound to be some buzz when alleged hands-on photos of the upcoming iPhone Xs pop up just a day before the official Apple event. The catch? It looks exactly like the iPhone X.

That’s not exactly surprising, considering the so-called iPhone Xs is going to be the direct successor of the iPhone X. At least in terms of design and dimensions, there will be a 1:1 correspondence between the two. That means the same 5.8-inch screen and the same notch.

That does make it a bit harder to judge the veracity of these hands-on photos. There is visually nothing to identify it as the iPhone Xs. Not even a screenshot of the Settings app to confirm that claim. All we have is the word of the Weibo account holder.

Not that there’s much to see here anyway. Nor do we need to wait that long for the real deal to finally be unveiled. Apple’s big event is just a few hours away and we’ll finally get to see the three new iPhones and, admittedly, the iPhone Xs might be the least interesting of the three. Unless you’re dead set on not having a gigantic phone in your hand.

The iPhone Xs Plus, or Max, is going to be Apple’s phablet contender at 6.5 inches. But while the 6.1-inch iPhone Xr or Xc may seem like a nice middle size, it will have a lot more compromises, like in the LCD screen. Needless to say, Apple may have a 2018 iPhone X for everyone, including those who might not want to change anything at all.

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