iPhone XR is getting an Apple-made clear case

Though the iPhone XS and XS Max have been here for a couple of weeks now, Apple isn't quite done with the iPhone releases. Later this month, the company will release the third and final iPhone for 2018: the iPhone XR. While the XS and XS Max are clearly intended to be Apple's high-end phones, the iPhone XR has a price point that's closer to what mainstream consumers are used to paying for a flagship phone.

Of course, the iPhone XR is also recycling an old idea from the early days of Tim Cook's tenure as Apple CEO, as these devices will come in a variety of different colors. As it turns out, Apple doesn't want you to buy an iPhone XR and then immediately cover up its colorful back with a case, so it's decided to offer a clear-back case of its own.

In an interesting little twist, this case was actually mentioned in the footnotes of some Apple press releases announcing the 2018 iPhone line last month. The footnote was discovered by Twitter user ivanincanada, who tweeted a screenshot of the press release to Rene Ritchie.

So, how did Apple's plan to launch a clear case for the iPhone XR go undiscovered for so long? It's likely down the fact that there's no mention of the case in the US press release, which might explain why it was missed by a bunch of different. That could also suggest that Apple isn't planning to offer it here in the United States, but that seems unlikely.

Assuming Apple does launch its clear case here in the US, it'll likely cost somewhere around $40, seeing as the case will cost $55 in Canada. Obviously, we can expect plenty of other manufacturers to make their own clear cases for the iPhone XR, so at the very least, you'll likely have plenty of options. We'll see if Apple does indeed bring its clear case to US soon enough, as the iPhone XR is scheduled to launch on October 26.