iPhone XI has more changes inside, starting with FaceTime camera

If you thought that the iPhone XS represented the pinnacle and limit of Apple's design, you definitely have another thing coming. Of course, one can only push that now iconic notch design so far but it seems that Apple has more changes in mind, just that they're mostly invisible. The tripe cameras on the back might be its most visible change but the lone camera on the front won't be a slacker either.

Just a few days ago, CompareRaja and Steve Hemmerstoffer, a.k.a. @OnLeaks, shared renders based on leaked information on the 2019 iPhone, which will supposedly be called the iPhone XI. Those 3D images already showed a substantial change on the back of the smartphone but that belies the changes inside, including the front camera.

Apple has traditionally been conservative when it came to front cameras, a.k.a. the FaceTime camera, but the iPhone XI will have its highest one yet. Despite an actually smaller notch, that iPhone will allegedly have a 10 megapixel sensor. Apple will also revamp the TrueDepth system to better handle invisible light from the surrounding environment.

Inside, Apple will have a larger and squarer battery, versus the "L-shape" it has been using recently. While this will allow it to squeeze in more capacity, it will also require a change in the internal layout of the iPhone. Like putting the logic board horizontally on top of the battery rather vertically to its side like almost all iPhones past and present.

That could explain the new location of the camera array, which sources say will have a 10 MP and 14 MP sensor, with the third one still unknown. The circular LED flash will also be in the middle, flanked by two sensors. It might be the biggest change Apple has made on its rear design but it's a much better one than square leaked before.