iPhone X clear back mod will make you think twice

The switch, or return, to having glass rather than metal or plastic on the back of phones has a few advantages. Those include wireless charging, some rather fascinating designs, and the ability to have a clear back cover. The latter seems to have become a niche fad among enthusiasts, one that has inspired many to risk breaking their phones in the process. Naturally, the $1,000 iPhone X is no exception, and EverythingApplePro embarked on the journey so that you won't have to. And after seeing this, you really might not want to.

Clear backs were so much easier to do back in the days when smartphones had removable back covers. Ever since they switched to more unified designs, the only chance you'd ever get to do one is if the back was already made of glass, with just pain underneath. This is exactly the case with some of the latest smartphone models, which has lead some more adventurous (and perhaps well-funded) modders to take the plunge.

Popping off that glass back is perhaps the biggest risk. It's made of glass, and therefore, prone to breaking with too much force. You could accidentally cut off cables while trying to pry the phone open. You could damage the rear camera. And, perhaps most dangerously, you could damage the battery.

If you survive that ordeal, however, the rest is pretty much just menial work of scraping off the vinyl coating underneath the glass. In the iPhone X's case (no pun intended), that is complicated a bit by the fact that you could also accidentally scrape the Apple logo. Once done, it's just a matter of putting everything back together. No matter what you do, however, you have voided your warranty and broken waterproofing.

The end result, sadly, might not exactly be worth it. At least not in this edition by EverythingApplePro. If you want to keep wireless charging, you'll have a large circle in the middle of the back. You'll also keep the shielding in place. So basically you'll be staring at nothing but silver and black. Ironically, if all you wanted was to always see your iPhone X's innards, all you really need is iFixit's wallpaper.