iPhone Windows Phone 7 theme looks blasphemously great [Video]

iPhone 3GS meets Windows Phone 7 meets blasphemy?  If you like your iPhone just as God – or Steve Jobs – intended it then look away; tinkerer woocash-kun has come up with a new theme for his Apple smartphone that makes it look just like Microsoft's upcoming platform.Video demo after the cut

As well as the panel-based main menu there's a second set of pages with WP7-style mini icons.  He's also created a lockscreen for the iPhone, also resembling Microsoft's version, but so far the notifications bar along the bottom doesn't work as it would on a real WP7 device.

Unfortunately right now woocash-kun is revelling in his uniqueness by not releasing the theme publicly, so we'll have to enjoy vicariously through the video below.  Of course, it could all be a well-crafted fake, too (I'm sure Microsoft would love it to be, since the theme seems to run slicker on an Apple phone than on some prototype Windows Phone 7 series hardware we're seen demonstrated so far).

[via MobileCrunch]