iPhone users spend more time playing games than Android users

The results from the latest Arbitron Mobile US smartphone panel have been published and show that iPhone users spend more time playing mobile games than Android users. According to the survey results, 85.7% of iPhone users played mobile gaming apps during December of 2012. The survey shows that 76% of Android users played games during the same month.

The survey also shows that iPhone users access game apps more often with an average of 151.5 sessions monthly compared to the 94.6 sessions a month average by Android users. Gamers in the survey panel spent an average of 12 hours and 23 minutes playing games on the iPhone. Android users in the panel spent an average of eight hours and 4 minutes playing games.

Arbitron says that mobile gamers make up 78.8% of its US panel. That group of gamers spent 594.1 minutes using game apps making games the most popular function on smartphones. The second most popular activity for smartphone users on the panel was social networking with 477 minutes spent with social networking apps during the month.

Users in the survey group spent 447.9 minutes messaging during December, 447.8 minutes browsing the web, and 418.6 minutes making phone calls. The survey also looked at the most popular games by platform and found that Words With Friends was the most popular on both Android and iPhones. Rounding out the top five games for iPhone users were Scramble With Friends, Temple Run, The Simpsons: Tapped Out, and Draw Something. Rounding out the top five for Android gamers was Angry Birds Star Wars, Scramble With Friends, Drag Racing, and Fruit Ninja.