iPhone Unlocking Services Get Shut Down

Several new websites sprung up about two weeks ago offering a new unlocking service for the iPhone. Today they have all mysteriously been shut down. Their unlocking method was unique because it didn't require any hacks or jailbreaks to unlock the iPhone, but instead manipulated your iPhone's IMEI number within Apple's database. One of the main sites was CutYourSim, which offered the service and unlocked over 400 iPhones before the service mysteriously disappeared, with no one knowing why and how it happened.

While the service was active, it cost you $169.99 to unlock your iPhone and all you needed to provide was the IMEI# to CutYourSim. After one or two weeks, your iPhone would be unlocked and open to work on any GSM network. Unfortunately, the time lag in between paying for the service and having your phone unlocked has left many customers in limbo after the service's abrupt shutdown. CutYourSim is in the process of issuing refunds, but the company itself doesn't know the reasoning behind the shutdown because they weren't sure themselves as to how the unlocking happened. They seemed to be one of many middlemen, meaning there may have been only one individual or small group that actually had access to Apple's databases.

"To tell you the truth, first our supplier told us there were server issues, then after that they just told us that they will not be offering the services anymore. We are not sure where the service comes from, or whether it's a contact through AT&T or Apple. We do know that the service is performed in the UK, but that's about it", said CutYourSim to Cult of Mac. Whenever an iPhone is activated its personal IMEI number is entered and registered into Apple's database. So if there was an abnormal surge of IMEI numbers being entered coupled with the publicity CutYourSim was receiving for the service, it probably drew the notice of Apple.

[via Cult of Mac]