iPhone to get location based social networking and video calling

Locations awareness has given us all sorts of cool technology for smartphones. We can use a location aware search to find places to eat, sleep, and play in cities we are not familiar with. We can also use location aware applications to find reviews of the same places before we ever step foot inside their doors.

A patent has been published by Apple that outlines a method of using the location of an iPhone user for social networking and video calling. The patent covers a method that would allow two people on a call to request the real-time location of another person allowing them to actually locate each other to talk in person rather than on the phone.

The patent also points out that this location aware conversation can also be used with video calls. The system would send the callers a text message, after the phone owner agrees to send it, which gives location information. Knowing how Apple likes to integrate things I would bet that the system would also use the GPS nav features of the iPhone to give you directions to where they are as well.