iPhone SE puts iPhone 6s heart in 4-inch phone

"We're here today to talk about a smaller iPhone," said Apple's Greg Joswiak. "As you may have heard, we're calling it the iPhone SE." According to Joswiak, the company sold 30-million 4-inch iPhones just this past year. That's no number to scoff at. They've decided to continue the 4-inch display legacy with another model. This is the 4-inch iPhone called iPhone SE, and it works with the same graphics processing power as the iPhone 6s.

This device will be delivering battery improvements over the previous model (iPhone 5s,) as you might expect. This device has an image signal processor from the Apple A9 processor it holds inside. The camera is going to be on-par with the iPhone 6s – or better.

This device has a 12-megapixel iSight Camera on its back with a dual-flash. This device has a front-facing Retina HD camera with focus flash – blasting you directly in the face. The backside camera also has the ability to capture a panorama up to 63 megapixels.

Above you'll see a set of details delivered by Apple at the Apple Event this week. Notice the battery improvements specifically.

Inside you'll find the Secure Element and NFC sensor the likes of which have only been delivered in the iPhone 6 and forward previously. This means you've got Apple Pay as well.

This device will cost $399 for a 16GB edition and a 64GB edition will be available for $499 USD. This device will be delivered with an installment plan, including a $17 a month installment plan for starters. This device will begin to be on pre-order on the 24th of this month.

Have a peek at the timeline below and tap in to our Apple hub for more information. We'll have hands-on action coming ASAP.