iPhone SE 2 notch confirmed by screen protectors

The small iPhone SE might be just as highly debated as the iPhone X before the latter was launched. Its existence has been called in to question and followed by its reason to exist. Now it seems that its design is also going to be subject to debate. More than just a smaller iPhone or a direct copy of the first iPhone SE, the second gen handy smartphone will instead take its looks from the iPhone X, for better or worse.

Apple has fully embraced its edge to edge notched design. No matter the size or screen technology, this year's iPhones will all look similar to each other. The design discrepancy between the iPhone X and the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus was just a one-time fluke and now Apple is bringing everything back into the fold.

The suggestion that the smallest iPhone of all will have a notched screen isn't really new. Word of it started just a few weeks ago and is now seemingly being confirmed, a word we use loosely here. The confirmation comes via a Twitter post showing two screen protectors side by side. One is the iPhone X's while the obviously smaller one is said to be the iPhone SE 2's.

Also noted is the narrower width of the iPhone SE 2's notch. That difference is not only understandable but also necessary, given the size of the iPhone SE 2's screen. A wider notch would leave very little room in that space for the usual status icons and clock. Good thing, then, that the iPhone SE 2 won't need the plethora of sensors that the iPhone X has, which probably means it won't have Face ID.

That won't exactly be a surprise, considering the iPhone SE has always been seen as an entry-level option of sorts. How it will be unlocked, however, is the question, given there might not be room for Touch ID either. With WWDC set to commence next week, we might get our answers very soon.