iPhone replacement units and parts might be in short supply

If you already own an iPhone and don't plan on getting the latest and greatest this year, you might not feel all too concerned that upcoming iPhones might be in short supply when they launch. If might be a false sense of security, however, especially if you're the type who often takes your iPhone in for repairs. The COVID-19 virus may be doing more than just affect the production of 2020 iPhones as reports claim that even repair parts or replacement units are, themselves, running thin.

On the one hand, it's not exactly surprising. Production lines in China have ground to a halt for a few weeks and some still have trouble getting back up again. Add to that stringent quality checks, you can pretty much expect a shortage of supplies and a delay in production.

Still, Apple's notice to technical support staff may be an eye-opener for some on the far-reaching effects of the novel coronavirus beyond health issues. Although it has not officially and publicly confirmed it, sources claim that the company has informed retail employees that there may be problems in the iPhone supply chain that could hold up replacements for damaged iPhones.

The situation might actually be worse than the memo suggests. Some sources claim that they have noticed a shortage in replacement parts which, in turn, could also lead to delays in repairing iPhones that don't even need to be replaced anyway.

That said, Apple doesn't foresee this situation as lasting that long and is giving it at most a month before things normalize. In the meantime, Apple "Geniuses" are instructed to offer customers the options to have their replacement iPhones mailed when they're available and provide loaner phones in the meantime.