iPhone prototypes go on sale: Video demo

Two devices, supposedly Apple's prototypes of the iPhone, have gone up for sale on eBay.  The handsets – only one of which runs – are believed to be manufactured around six months before the launch of the original iPhone; the working device has a beta OS with a plastic matte screen and limited functionality.Demo video after the cut

As you can see from the photos and video, the OS looks little like the shipping version of the iPhone.  Functionality is also patchy: calls with an AT&T SIM work, and it has internet access, but only displays mobile versions of sites.  SMS messages are received but the composer app won't work; it will only send the five preset messages.  The camera works, but the iPhone prototype doesn't sync with iTunes.

Bizarrely, the working handset also has "several interesting subtitles" which pop up, including "[Skankphone]" and "[Say hello to the Newton MessagePad 3000]".  Currently bidding is at $2,295, with one and a half days left to run on the auction.

[thanks everyone who sent this in; video via nowhereelse.fr]