iPhone price drop - Why is everyone so upset?

When I was sitting here yesterday covering Apple's big event I heard that they dropped the price on the 8GB iPhone. I was ecstatic,  Apple had found some way to drop the price of their phone to make it more affordable for the average Joe. Unfortunately, I was one of the few that saw this as a good thing.

Many people that lined up on launch day to shell out $600 for an iPhone are up in arms that Apple would dare drop the price on the iPhone. Don't you guys think that's just a bit petty and selfish? Here's some food for thought. Would you rather that Apple kept the same price that they did and gouge the people that purchase the iPhone for the next six months or so and pocket the profits? Had they done this, you'd never even thought twice about that money you paid. Now other people are going to save money that you didn't.

People, this is the world of technology. If you want to be on the bleeding-edge you have to pay the price. The sad truth is that the price you paid a few months ago is going to fall. Try buying a top-end video card sometime. The price generally comes down in a few months to the tune of a couple hundred bucks, yet you don't hear people screaming. If you want to be first, you have to pay the price.