iPhone plastic backs and buttons appear on factory floor

It's once again time to look at the next iPhone, the "budget" model, as it were, with several different colors in store for the near future. This week it would appear that those responsible for manufacturing this next-generation model have let loose several different views of the machine, both from the inside and with its several buttons in full view. You'll see a light blue, red, green, and yellow here, consistent with several recent leaks of the machine in kind.

What's being shown in the array of buttons in a pile here is the volume up-down rocker, the power/lock button, and the lock key. This lock is identified by the red line which appears when the machine's lock is pulled up, this signifying the locking of the device – be it muted or orientation locked, whatever the user chooses. The red model would appear to be using a white indicator instead of the standard red.

Meanwhile this same source, Benjamin's Tech – aka Benjamin Franklin, oddly enough, shows five different colors for the next-generation lesser of the iPhones. Here we've got each matching the buttons above, red, yellow, blue, and green, as well as a standard white. These parts match up well with previous understanding that they'd have a back-facing camera and at least one LED flash bulb.

They're also continuing to match previous leaks suggesting this "plastic" iPhone to be rolling out with a 4-inch display, much like the current iPhone 5. The big differences will be in the processor and the materials used to create the device, we must assume, while the smartphone itself will bring a rather similar experience in the software realm. It'll be iOS 7 for all by the end of this year!