iPhone plans now cheaper sans data plan option

If you have an iPhone and you have plentiful access to WiFi where you work/live/play and feel you no longer need an EDGE data plan, you can finally remove it. That's right, your $240 a year can be saved by removing the data/texting plan that comes integrated into the iPhone plans.

Even if you have a GoPhone iPhone account, you might have to call in this instance as Erica Sadun did over at TUAW, but if you are persistent you'll be able to remove it from your bill. She got her bill down to $29.99 a month, which was just the voice portion of her bill, which should be enough to keep it activated, and still covered under Apple's warranty/support.

So, if this sound like a good deal to you, just hop online and access your account and remove the data portion. Personally, if I had an iPhone, I would be hoping for the opposite, the ability to remove the voice plan, I do just about all of my communication via email/IM anyways.

Drop your iPhone data plan, keep voice [via TUAW]