iPhone Password Broken In 6 Minutes

Rue Liu - Feb 10, 2011
iPhone Password Broken In 6 Minutes

If you feel safe that your iPhone is secure because you set a password, this might make you a little nervous. Six minutes is all it will take an experienced hacker to break into your iPhone and get all your information. Watch a video of the process after the jump.

The Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology in Germany has published a report and posted a video on just what steps to take and how easy it is to break into your phone. What you need is to actually have the iPhone and needs to jailbroken first. After that the device is vulnerable to divulge all your information.

This has to be unsettling for Apple and its enterprise customers who have switched or are planning to switch to Apple products like the iPhone and iPad for corporate purposes. The security weakness would leave company passwords, confidential e-mails and private information in the hands of hackers. Mobile wiping is available for iPhones and iPads but Apple still needs to beef up its security.

[Via LA Times]

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