iPhone Native Apps via iTunes and sideload onto your iPhone

Other than the two games, Touch Fighter and Spore, there are some other new apps that have already been developed for the iPhone. One of which will make a lot of people very happy, AOL has developed a native AIM app for the iPhone.

It only took the developer 5 Days to get the AIM working and fully functional on the iPhone. ePOCRATES, something a lot of you might not recognize is a set of medical software and drug reference material that now has a native iPhone app for drug lookup, you can also check for drug interactions on your iPhone before giving a patient new meds that might mean bad news bears.

Salesforce also has an app that does something or another, they made a presentation, didn't catch the details. SEGA has a new game, Super Monkey Ball, for the iPhone. The new apps will come to the iPhone by way of the App Store, written by Apple, it will be in the next iPhone update and will allow you to download Apps directly to your phone, or through iTunes if you prefer. You'll even get automatic updates when one becomes available.