iPhone nano leaked by silicone case render?

The urgency to bring out third-party accessories just as soon as a product launches has bitten Apple a few times over the past year or so, with iPods and the iPhone 3G all being tipped via leaked case details.  Now we're supposedly seeing the form factor of the upcoming iPhone nano, courtesy of a silicone skin case from XSKN.

According to the source, the iPhone nano will have EDGE rather than 3G data connectivity like its bigger brother, be as tall as the current iPod nano 4G but broader and deeper, and have the same curved profile as the current Apple smartphone.  Unlike some of the earlier patents and speculative renders, it will have a touchscreen with multitouch support, dropping half an inch or so off of the iPhone 3G's display. 

Apple will, apparently, be looking to sell the iPhone nano at retail locations such as Walmart, with aggressive pricing and an unknown amount of internal storage.  The original source suggests a Macworld announcement in January 2009.

[via Unwired View]