iPhone Loyalty At 89%, Dwarfs Other Phone Makers

According to a recent survey by UBS Investment Research, the number of iPhone owners who indicated that they would stick with Apple for their next handset is overwhelming compared to rival phone makers. The retention rate for Apple is 89 percent, while the second closest competitor, HTC, has a retention rate of 39 percent.

In third place is RIM, which slipped dramatically from a 62 percent retention rate to 33 percent, followed by Samsung with 28 percent, Motorola with 25 percent, and Nokia with 24 percent.

When looking at the software platforms rather than the hardware, Android fared better with a 55 percent retention rate. However, 31 percent of Android users have expressed that they are considering switching to the iPhone for their next handset.

Overall, UBS finds Apple's retention rates to have held up "incredible well." Of all the current handset owners looking to switch for their next handset, more than 50 percent say that they plan to pick up an iPhone. Only about 10 percent plan to switch away from the iPhone.

[via AppleInsider]