iPhone leads mobile ad impressions in Q3 2011, Android as a platform

The folks at Millennial Media have found that inside the third quarter of 2011, Apple's iPhone and ranked first in devices for mobile ad impressions, while the total for Apple's iOS was HALF of that of Android as a whole. While the 56 percent had by Android led the way on ad impressions in Q3, BlackBerry sat in third with 13 percent, and Symbian and Windows Phone devices had just 1 percent of ads for each. Meanwhile the same period listed by devices comes up with iPhone has the clear lead with 12.55 percent of ad clicks.

One must note that iPhones have been bulked into one single device – that's the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 3GS, and all the rest, while the rest of the devices are separated into their own single devices. But here's the thing, ladies and gentlemen, no group truly takes advantage of the idea of a single device being updated incrementally with essentially the same name throughout its entire expanded life. It's sort of like Pop art – "I could have done that," "yeah, but you didn't." Meanwhile the iPhone sits in at 54 percent of the total Apple share of ads while the iPad and the iPod Touch are lumped together in the remaining 46 percent.

And for those of you wondering, the next few devices in line for ad shares were the LG Optimus at 6.3 percent, the BlackBerry Curve at 4.7 percent, the original Motorola Droid at 4.35 percent, and the HTC Desire at 4.01 percent. Goes to show how long people are holding on to their devices, that's for sure.

Adding to the app statistics we've been ringing in over the past few days, Millennial Media notes that Apple's iOS devices had 41 percent of ad spend for apps in Q3 of 2011 while Android had 49 percent and a 20 percent growth quarter-over-quarter. That's bigtime growth, ladies and gentlemen. RIM hits third at 8 percent while the rest of the groups had 2 percent of ad spend combined. Inside apps it was music and entertainment that headed categories while games came in second. For iPad specifically, games is in the lead, while games overall grew 26 percent quarter over quarter, it now sitting at 34 percent of app ad impressions. Games on iPad, who would have thought?

[via AppleInsider]