iPhone launches in UK

As I type it's just turned 6.02pm GMT, which means Apple Stores and branches of O2 and Carphone Warehouse in the UK will be overrun with eager iPhone buyers – that's right, four and a half long months after the iconic Apple cellphone went on sale in the US, finally those of us over the pond have the opportunity to try it out for ourselves.


Over the past few weeks, analysts and the media have argued about whether the price Apple and their exclusive UK network partner, O, are charging is too much: the iPhone starts at £269 and the contract ranges from £35 to £55 a month.  Expensive stuff, when you consider that most cellphones on this side of the Atlantic are free, even at launch, and that contracts can be signed up for as little as £15 a month (and the majority of mobile users are on pre-pay contracts anyway). 

Still, let's let Apple and the Mac-faithful have their moment of utter, shining happiness; we'll look at whether the general public warm to the expensive cellphone over the coming days and weeks.

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