iPhone, iPad, Mac sales in FQ2 2021 take flying leap over last year

Services and Mac revenue reached an all-time high for Apple's financial Q2, 2021. Revenue overall was up 54 percent to reach a new all-time-high for this quarter. It should perhaps have been expected that Apple's year here in 2021 would be better than last. Last year was a bit of a surprise to the world at large, given COVID-19 and the pandemic that it brought. Now that we're inching away from said pandemic, the dip in sales most companies saw in 2020 can be decimated by blockbuster sales in 2021.

This quarter saw iPhone sales at 47.93 billion USD. That's a significantly larger number than the same quarter last year, where Apple had $28.96 billion in sales for the iPhone. While other years we'd be analyzing the features that appeared in the new iPhone and which new iPhones were released in the time between reports, this time we can pretty safely suggest that the rise in sales is largely due to the ways in which the world is adjusting to COVID-19 and our new society at large.

Mac net sales saw a similar jet upward, from 5.35 billion USD in this quarter in 2020 to 9.1 billion in this quarter in 2021. iPad sales went from 4.368 billion in this quarter in 2021 and rose to $7.8 billion here in the same quarter in 2021.

The category that didn't quite rise at the rate that the others did was "Wearables, Home and Accessories". This accounts for Apple Watch, HomePod, speakers, monitors, and everything not covered in the iPhone, iPad, or Mac categories. In this quarter in 2020 this category had $6.28 billion in net sales, and here in this quarter in 2021 the same category had $7.836 billion in net sales.

Apple's Services category saw a significant rise, too – though not quite at the same rate as the individual device categories. While the 2020 quarter's net sales for Services were $13.348 billion, here in 2021 in this same quarter Services delivered $16.9 billion. That's no small number to scoff at, in any case.

If you're looking at all the categories combined, this quarter in 2020 showed total net sales of $58.3 billion, and here in 2021 in the same quarter it shows $89.58 billion. Take a peek at the timeline below to see other analysis and readouts of this quarter and get a handle on where Apple is going from here!