iPhone heads to Guam on TeleGuam

If you thought there were scant details about the iPhone heading to China when the news first broke, you haven't seen anything yet. When we heard about the iPhone heading to China, there were some details to go along with the story at least even if they weren't official.

Today GTA TeleGuam has announced that it will be bringing the iPhone to Guam. The device will be offered in all TeleGuam retail stores including those in Tamuning, Micronesia Mall, Agana Shopping Center, Guam Premium Outlets and at the Navy Exchange.

Important bits like exactly when the device will show up and how much it will cost are unknown. Guam is a US territory, so perhaps the price will be the same. Guam even uses the dollar just as we do here in the States so maybe the handset will sell for the same price as we enjoy here in America.