iPhone has officially been added to AT&T’s business plan

James Allan Brady - Jan 21, 2008

You can now buy an iPhone under the guise of a business tool, through ATT as long as you sign up for both a voice plan, and one of their new Enterprise data plans for the iPhone. This means that if your company has a deal with ATT where you can get a discount, the iPhone is now included under that umbrella.

You still can’t get anything knocked off the price of the iPhone itself, but discounts to the plans connected to it can be discounted, and the data plans aren’t much different than the normal ones. I mean, for $45, $55, or $65 you can get 200, 1500, or unlimited text messages, which is how the Enterprise iPhone data plans are measured.

They still come with Visual Voicemail and unlimited data usage. If you travel internationally a lot, you can also get data plans for that at $25 for 20MB per month, or $60 for double that, but that only works in 29 countries, but chances are wherever you are going is covered. Lastly, with this, for a limited time, you can get a $25 credit that runs through this December, it’s a monthly credit, and all you have to do is make “active use” of your voice and data plan, and sign up for one of these enterprise plans before March 31st, but it takes 2 months for it to show up, so, if you signed up right now, you could save $225 off your bill.

[via macnn]

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