iPhone Giveaway! – attend a certain university and you get one for free Steve-us Christ will save you!

James Allan Brady - Feb 27, 2008

The Abilene Christian University is now giving each incoming freshman an free iPhone. I suppose this is their fairly convincing attempt at bringing more students in.

However it does apparently serve a purpose as there are some apps that prior students have created that can be used for school purposes including receiving homework, alerts, answering in-class surveys and quizzes, getting directions to professor’s offices, and checking their meal and account balances. Sure that would be nice, but I don’t think an iPhone is necessary to do all of that.

Choosing a school based on the fact that you get a free $400 phone may not be the best way to choose a school, but it will quickly free up spaces at other schools for those smart enough to not make that mistake. Now, if more schools started giving away iPhones, I might further consider expanding my education beyond an associate’s degree.

[via therawfeed]

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