iPhone games brought to life in Hey Geronimo video

Ever wondered how some of your favorite iPhone games would look like in real life? Well, you can find out by watching this fun and creative music video from Australian indie pop band Hey Geronimo. The video includes real life versions of Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Flight Control, Cut the Rope, and Plants vs. Zombies.

What's neat is that all the scenes were done with what appears to be a minimal amount of post-production effects. The video also includes clips towards the end to show how some of the scenes were created. For instance, the Flight Control scenes involved a birds-eye shot of a large painted topography with the airplanes done using remote controlled toys.

The song itself is also quite catchy and it's aptly called "Why don't we do something?" You can download the song via iTunes and if you enjoyed the video, do make sure to find out more about the band, which plans to debut its album in early 2012.

[via Reddit]