iPhone DIY revolver case will get you shot

I would hope that no one here in the US or really anywhere would try to carry this iPhone case out in public and actually use it. I can see you being shot by the police as you try to answer your phone. The case has the handle that looks like a revolver.

The iPhone slips into the square holder of the iPhone Revolver and the whole works is designed to be slipped down the front or back of your pants. When you go to answer your iPhone, you grab the pistol handle and whip the phone out.

The case was built by a guy going by juniortan on Thingiverse. The builder designed the case and then printed it using a 3D printer. Once all the parts where printed for the 3D printer they were assembled with epoxy and crazy glue. The handle of the case is based on the Ruger LCR Revolver according to the builder. This thing is certainly cool, but not safe at all.