iPhone-controlled remote dog webcam & treat dispenser

What can you do in 90 minutes?  If you're Stephen Myers, you can set up a webcam-enabled dog-treat dispenser that you can remotely access from your iPhone.  Created from a CD spindle case, scraps of cardboard, a servo motor and some random junk Stephen found lying around his house, the system allows him to watch his dog from the Apple smartphone and dispense a tasty treat.Check out the demo video after the cut

Stephen is a PhD student in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Florida, which probably means he's a clever man, but apparently building the gadget wasn't too difficult.  Credit instead goes to ioBridge's smart boards, which has an internet interface and requires no programming skills.  The ioBridge software will either set up an online interface page for you, or spit out Javascript commands for you to embed into your own site (say, for example, you'd like to give everybody the opportunity to make your dog fat).

So in all it took under 90 minutes, which hopefully wasn't too long for Stephen's dog Cooper to wait for something tasty.  Full build details at Stephen's blog, here.

[via Core77]