iPhone-controlled R/C Dalek: pointless but awesome [Video]

Does anybody need an iPhone-controlled remote-control Dalek made from a bubble bath bottle?  No, of course not, but that doesn't stop us being madly jealous of Steve from BotBuilder who put his together using a new microprocessor board that can control up to 12 servos and record input patterns to be triggered from an external switch.Video demo after the cut

Moving the iPhone around sends movement instructions to the Dalek via a serial connection, and you can independently control the movement, the lights and the head turret.  The video below not only shows the Dalek in action, but how it was all put together too.

This is all really a demo for the new board Steve is putting together, which should go on sale later on in the year.  If the thought of a compact servo-controller with twelve channels, three programmable outputs and recordable macros (with optional Bluetooth) fills you with joy, then keep your eye on Steve's site.

[via UberGizmo]