iPhone App Loopy 2 Allows DUB FX to Lay Down Track in Single Take

So there's this guy named DUB FX, he's a street performer, recording artist, and lover of new technology. He specializes in singing, recording, and rolling out sweet tunes via beatboxing – which, if you're not hip, means he's using his voice to create noises normally associated with instruments not of the mouth. If you'll take a peek at the image below, you'll see that he can pump up a crowd using an array of machines to make his voice heard straight out of a box. What he's using nowadays is much simpler: an iPhone.

The app you're about to see in action here is at the moment only available from Apple's App Store, running on iPhone (or iPad if you like resizing, of course,) and it's making things much more simple for this street minstrel. The app in question here is [Loopy 2] and is developed by A Tasty Pixel. What the app consists of is "six little balls" as DUB says, each of them beginning to loop as you press them. You record sounds to each of these balls, hit them to turn them on, hit them to turn them off. Once you've got it running you'll be able to create a lovely symphony of sound. Have a look here:

You can also do things like stacking of one upon the other, panning left and right in the speakers for each loop, adjust volume in each ball, and so on and so fourth. The reason this is such a big deal is that, for one, this is done on an iPhone. It's a tiny device compared to even the smallest of music pedals, and it's running an app that costs $2.99 (at the moment, anyway.) It's so very simple and can create such lovely musical creations. Second, because this video was made by DUB FX for no reason other than to promote the app because he thought it was awesome. Thusly this app has forever a bit o' the ol' street cred from a rather established young man who'll inspire thousands of people to download.

Sound good? Sounds good!

Check out this video from 2008 of DUB FX as well while we're here, having a super great time: