iPhone 8 Release: What we already know about Apple's 2017 flagship

In the Fall of 2017 Apple will reveal its iPhone 8, a device that's already begun its detail leak process months in advance. This device will be the 8th generation in the iPhone line, or the 10th iPhone if we include the iPhone Plus devices as additional models. This combined with the fact that 2017 is 10 years away from the year of the iPhone's inception, 2007, have lead some publishers to hypothesize on a magical "iPhone 10" release. We're attempting to err on the side of a more reasonable smartphone.


The most reasonable assumption for change in the iPhone 8, I think, is the OLED display. It's been a long time coming – Apple is primed to switch over and it's a good time to do so. However – switching to a technology like this requires a big manufacturing flip, so Apple won't do it all at once. Instead they'll release at least one, maybe two, iPhones with a display similar to the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

The third device, however, could very well have an edge-to-edge display, OLED, Touch ID and camera up front, hidden behind display. The full works – why not? Go nuts. Before 2016, the year Apple put an extra display on a MacBook Pro, I wouldn't have believed an all-display iPhone were possible. Now I believe that anything is possible with Apple.

I also believe the standard models will be called iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus. There's no reason to change this pattern – no good reason, anyway. Also note: while they might look relatively real, several of the images in this article were rendered by Veniamin Geskin.


It's suggested that an all-glass body – front and back, at least – will be adopted with the iPhone 8. I think this is unrealistic, especially given Apple's generations-long working of aluminum to perfect designs over several iterations. I don't believe it makes sense for Apple to start using the same design they had with the iPhone 4 in the year 2017.

If an iPhone 8 is built with an edge-to-edge display, however, there could be a chance for the mythical iPhone Pro to appear with both. Imagine an iPhone that's not restricted by the same "stay in line and sell" mantra the past few generations of iPhone have been stuck to. Imagine something very weird and wild.


Rumor has it that the front-facing camera for the next iPhone – as well as Touch ID – will be integrated in to the display. This wouldn't be impossible – especially if it sits in the topmost percentage of the display where not a lot of activity generally goes on. Think of it as something like LG's secondary display on the LG V20 – not necessarily a separate display, but working to keep display information in this sector simple.

If a camera is going to be integrated into the display of an iPhone, it's not going to be at the expense of the developer community. That means it wont be placed in a way that'll interrupt any other sort of display functionality. That'll have been a challenge indeed if it does exist.

Bonus Round

While Apple rarely puts features into its iPhone line without an extended line of reasoning – most of which includes potential for apps – wireless charging may be in order. After several generations of Android devices working with wireless charging as a fairly standard piece of technology, Apple is likely ready, at least, to bring their own super-reliable version of wireless charging to the party.

It'll be interesting to see how the Android universe reacts if Apple does, indeed, bring wireless charging to the iPhone. Especially if Apple includes a type of wireless charging that's licensed by them, and not inclusive of many different brands as most wireless charging is today.


Other obvious bits and pieces will be coming with the iPhone 8, including a new 10-nanometer A11 chip for more powerful and more efficient computing. The iPhone will retain at least one model's size and shape as it transitions into the next generation, and probably one model that'll seem a bit off the wall.

Now that Apple's released the original massive iPad Pro and a MacBook Pro with an extra display, it's time. It's time for Apple to get weird with their most popular device. Don't expect this new model to be cheap!