iPhone 7 may have a dual-lens camera option

It would seem that Apple doesn't have enough different models of their flagship phone. Currently, their latest model comes in two different flavors, with one having a 4.7-inch screen, and another with a 5.5-inch screen. If rumors are to be believed, there may be two different 5.5-inch versions of the iPhone 7.So what would make Apple want to have two different versions of the larger iPhone 7? According to a research note from KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, it's all about the camera. One flavor would have the standard rear-facing camera, while another would sport a dual-lens camera on the rear.The addition of a dual-lens camera might seem out of the blue, but it's really not. Last year, Apple purchased a company by the name of LinX. That company's specialty? Utilizing multi-aperature camera equipment for mobile devices.If it's true that Apple is integrating some of LinX's technology into the iPhone 7, it could lead to vastly superior low-light images from the phone, plus the ability to utilize an optical zoom of up to 2-3x. That's something we've not seen on an iPhone without having to attach a new lens to the device.The reason that the dual-lens system might not be standard on all of the larger iPhone 7 models is due to supply chain constraints. The analyst believes that they simply wouldn't be able to manufacture enough to supply all of the larger iPhone 7's with the new camera. It's also possible that they may simply hold off on integrating it until the iPhone 7s.

VIA: MacRumors