iPhone 7 and Galaxy S7 tested in deep water

If you have been paying attention to all the coverage of the new iPhone 7, you will know that the smartphone is water-resistant with an IP67 rating that means it is rated to survive at a meter under water for 30 minutes. The Galaxy S7 is better with its water resistance rating with an IP 68 rating. For this test, the tester schleps down to the river and puts both phones to a very deep water test far exceeding the ratings.

The two smartphones were placed inside paint can for this test that has a cloth inside to just make it softer. The testing starts at a depth of five feet for 3-5 minutes. It does appear that the paint can has holes drilled into it to allow water to get inside the can and drench the smartphones. Both devices survived the five minute, five feet test with full functionality.

The next test put the devices back in the paint can and then sunk them to a depth of ten feet for another five minutes. Both the devices survived the ten foot depth test with no condensation inside the cameras on either phone. The next test was five minutes at a depth of 15-feet. Both of the smartphones survived and neither of them had moisture in the camera lens or anywhere else.

The next test was 20-feet depth for five minutes. Both of the smartphones survived with no issues and worked perfectly. By this point in the testing the devices had been underwater for about 20 minutes altogether at depths much deeper than factory recommendations. To try and kill both phones they went to a depth of 30-feet for five minutes. The Galaxy S7 was rebooting when removed from the can, but was working. The iPhone 7 was still working as well. The final test put them on the bottom at 35-feet, the Galaxy S7 died at that depth, but the iPhone 7 was still working after that test.