iPhone 6s battery life doesn't vary between different chips, says Consumer Report

It's rather common with new iPhone launches for there to be a shortage of the devices leaving a number of folks who want them unable to purchase. The delay with some previous models was in getting enough chips to power the smartphones. To eliminate that issue with the new iPhone 6s launch, Apple is using chips from two different makers- Samsung and TSMC.

Some rumors were swirling that the performance of the iPhone 6s devices varied depending on which chip the smartphone had inside. Rumors suggested that iPhone 6s models with the Samsung chip had worse battery life than devices with the TSMC chip inside. Some also claimed that iPhone models with the Samsung chip ran hotter than those with the TSMC hardware inside.

Consumer Reports has now published its report on the situation and appears to have eliminated any concern about this rumor. The test protocol relied on real-world usage rather than benchmarks to test battery life of two iPhone 6s models running each of the processors in question. Testers also spent lots of time ensuring that all settings were identical between the two phones.

With all the tedious bits of setup out of the way, the phones each ran for about 5 hours with less than 2% difference in duration between both devices, a negligible amount. When crunching data the heat output difference between the two devices was less than 1%, climbing as high as 84F. In the end, CR found no appreciable difference in battery life or temperature between the two iPhone 6s models with different available chips.

SOURCE: Consumer Reports