iPhone 6s and 6s Plus water resistance tests show unexpected results

One of the sure fire ways that you can kill many smartphones on the market today is to get them wet. It often takes only a very brief encounter with water to spell the end of your device. Some smartphones have started to tout water resistance as one of their main features aiming at people with active lives that put them near water frequently. Apple certainly hasn't bragged about water resistance for its new iPhone models.

Just because Apple doesn't mention water resistance for its new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s smartphones doesn't mean that the devices can't survive a brush with water. A guy on YouTube took both of the new smartphones right out of the box and tried out a water test on them and the results were very surprising.

Since Apple never mentioned water resistance, I expected both devices to succumb to water in submersion tests within seconds. As it turns out, after 30 minutes in water both of the iPhone models still worked perfectly. After 45 minutes under water, both devices still had full functionality.

The tester put the smartphones back under water and left them there for a bit over an hour with no ill effects. All touch functionality still performed as expected as did the cameras. Clearly Apple performed waterproofing on these devices and didn't say anything to keep people from risking their device and potentially leading to warranty replacements down the road. Check out our hands on with the iPhone 6S for more details.