iPhone 6 might be a lot like old iPhones, new report says

Nate Swanner - Jun 30, 2014
iPhone 6 might be a lot like old iPhones, new report says

Oh, iPhone 6, why do you taunt us so? New reports are calling into question previous ones we’d heard about the next iPhone, this time saying the images we’ve all seen may not be accurate at all. Aside from an aesthetic change, there are some actual material difference this time around. Turns out the new iPhone may be a lot like the old one.

First up is news from Nikkei, who claim the front screen of the iPhone 6 will be curved. That’s a big, big stretch — and one that is wholly unlikely. They also claim the Apple logo on the back is a cut-out, which we’ve heard quite a few times. A cutout could lead to wireless charging and an IR blaster.

The report also claims the iPhone 6 will have a glass back, much like previous iPhones. If that seems a bit off to you, it might be because the lines we’ve seen running along the top and bottom are said to be for the antennae to pass through the metal unibody. Not so, says the report.

Nikkei’s sources claim the “cutout” we see is really a placeholder for a glass back; a guideline of sorts. That seems terribly misguided, as the glass would need to curve around the edges in that scenario. It would also lead to either thin glass or thinner metal, either of which compromise the integrity of the device.

Curved screen? Unlikely. As for the rear, glass would be an interesting choice, but might miss the mark. Losing the cut-out pieces would add to the aesthetic value of the device, but glass around the edges seems like an especially bad idea, just like a glass rectangle on the rear seems silly.

Source: Nikkei

Via: GforGames

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