iPhone 6 May Have 1GB RAM After All

Sometimes, the right people see the right articles, and can add some needed insight. One clever sleuth thinks they've cracked the case on the iPhone 6's RAM. Originally thought to be improved form the iPhone 5S, we may be getting the same 1GB we've been enjoying.

One reader in the Mac Rumors forum was checking out those logic board pics from earlier today, and noticed some silkscreened data on the A8 chipset. From the code imprinted on that chip, this sleuth thinks they've correctly identified the amount of RAM in the iPhone 6.

Starting from the left, go down 8 places inside the red square. According to the commenter, that's an "8", which is internal code for 1GB RAM. A "B" would mean 2GB RAM.

This is by no means official, and as we've pointed out time and again — these component leaks can”t be confirmed as final production units, and could be very old parts. If we're being equitable about speculation, it's entirely possible whatever Feld & Volk (the source of this component) got their hands on was some sort of prototype.

We're not doubting the virility of the claim, but with so much information (and misinformation) flying around — let's just peel it back a touch. If the iPhone 6 does have 1GB RAM, that would be a big disappointment. If it didn't, then Apple did what many believe they should.

We'll find out officially on September 9.

Source: Mac Rumors