iPhone 6 leak shows another internal part

Nate Swanner - Jul 10, 2014
iPhone 6 leak shows another internal part

The iPhone 6 leaks keep coming, and there is just no stopping them. We’ve seen the front and rear of the device, and even some alleged internals. Now we’re getting a look at another piece of kit from the inside of the iPhone 6.

This leak comes from a familiar source; one that has presented other information before. This time around, we’re getting a look at what is being sold as the LCD frame for the iPhone 6 screen. The frame will hold the screen in place, and the larger metal plate is what keeps it from interference from other internals.

Though the pic is a little blurry, we do see that it seems to work well with previous leaks. Contact points for screws look to be in the same spots, and the thin profile suggests it’s going to keep that 6mm front-to-back measurement we’ve been hearing about. In-hand, it looks to be similarly sized, too.

These, of course, are rumors — and should be appreciated as such. Though it looks convincing, and helps to bolster the previous leaks and rumors we’ve been hearing, it’s not official until Tim Cook sings. That should happen in a few months, so until then — we’ll keep you informed on all the unofficial goings on!

Source: Apple Club

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