iPhone 6 display tortured again, proves better than iPhone 5S

Be honest — are you really going to take sandpaper to your smartphone? Unlikely, but that's what YouTuber Marques Brownlee did with his alleged iPhone 6 display unit. Previously running it through a lot of twists and turns, this gauntlet involves knives and sandpaper.

The aim here is to show the durability of what just might be Sapphire Glass. The iPhone 5S, which is Gorilla Glass, was also vetted here, fairing much worse than the unattached, larger display. The iPhone 5S does have Sapphire on the home button, though, making for easy comparison to what could be the display on the iPhone 6.

We know, you're wondering how it all stacks up. The video is below, so give it a gander and judge for yourself if you buy into the Sapphire display talk. We think that when compared to the iPhone 5S home button, the larger screen material did similarly well in testing. Brownlee does a more than adequate job explaining the Mohs scale for material hardness, too, so we won't duplicate the effort here.

Stacked up against the iPhone 5S, it fared much better. We're to a point where the keys in your pocket likely won't damage your display much, so the torture testing is a bit dated in most instances. When used to compare the material's resistance to abrasions, though — it has its place.

The bigger display still hasnt been officially proven as Sapphire, though, so we'll take this video as proof the material is simply more resistant to scuffs and scratches than the iPhone 5S. Corning may have turned a corner on new Gorilla Glass, or it could very well be the Sapphire display we've all been expecting. As Brownlee posits, it could also be some sort of Sapphire composite material. Whatever it is, it's being tortured, and you love it.