iPhone 6 Camera Compared To Every Other Generation

The iPhone's camera has been put to task many times, and the iPhone 6 is no exception. We've already seen a flood of shots taken with the handset appear online, with people comparing them to images taken with other new high-end handsets. If, however, you're curious to see how the iPhone camera itself has evolved over the years, Snap Snap Snap has the answer.

Camera+'s co-founder Lisa Bettany has posted a series of comparison images recently, each showing the same subject as photographed by all generations of the iPhone since the original handset. As you might imagine, every image gets progressively better, but you don't really appreciate how much has changed until you see them side-by-side.

The images shown were taken with the Camera+ app, each batch focusing on some particular photography category, like macro, backlight, daylight, portraits, and more. In most images we see three big changes over time: less noise, more details, and more realistic colors.

As shown in one of the image batches, the iPhone has also become progressively better at handling backlit images. Hit up the link below to see each image in full size for a better comparison between handsets.