iPhone 6 Bendgate explained by confirmed fraud Uri Geller

There's a magician in the wild this week who hopes to explain the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus bendgate incidents with talk of psychic energy. It's Uri Geller, everyone's favorite spoon-bender from the 1970s! He wants Apple to hire him to explain to the world that it wasn't the hardware's fault, but that of the energy of excitement in the air over the release of Apple's newest smartphones.

If you're unaware of the phenomenon that is Uri Geller, you need only watch one clip. Starting in at around 5:50 you'll see The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. On this show, James Randi is called in to expose Uri Geller for the fraud he really was.

Uri Geller also made clear that he was an entertainer, not having any special powers of deduction or otherwise, back in 2008. VIA TheNess we've got the following quote from Geller: "I'll no longer say that I have super national powers. I am an entertainer. I want to do a good show."

NOTE: The above photo is a demonstration of power by Uri Geller, showing how he's bent his BlackBerry.

Keeping that in mind that Geller does not have any superpowers, you'll be surprised to hear that MarketWatch have spoken with Geller about Apple's newest smartphones, publishing a story which suggests Geller has the answer.

"There are two possible explanations," says Geller, "either... physical force, which I cannot believe given the extensive tests Apple would have done."

"Or – and this is far more plausible," continues Geller, "somehow the energy and excitement of the 10 million people who purchased iPhones has awakened their mind powers and caused the phones to bend."

My goodness! Could it also be that Geller's powers allow him to know how many iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus units have been purchased? That's shocking!

Geller also suggests that he'd be a great spokesperson for Apple, saying "I urge Apple to hire me to explain to the world that this is not the company's fault at all." He goes on to say that "I don't own an iPhone 6 – I'm loyal to my BlackBerry and would never change – but I have no doubt that I could bend it with my mind."

An entertainer he certainly is. MarketWatch also gives a tip of the hat to their understanding of Geller's absurdity by suggesting Apple do an advertisement with Uri and David Beckham, another "master of bending."