iPhone 5s TV spot shows how it is the perfect parent helper

JC Torres - Jun 30, 2014, 5:17am CDT
iPhone 5s TV spot shows how it is the perfect parent helper

All the power that you ever need is in your pocket, which presumably houses an iPhone 5s. As Apple’s latest video ad tries to show, it is powerful, flexible, and resilient enough to get you through one of life’s most significant and most difficult tasks: raising a child.

The iPhone 5s can also be used as a baby monitor, with the proper accessory, of course. This could be a subtle jab at rival Samsung for advertising the Galaxy S5 for having baby monitoring capabilities. It can also help you tutor your kid remotely, though that would probably require you to leave a Mac or an iPad with your kid at home. It can help teach your kids how to brush their teeth properly, or at least how long. Pedometer, first aid researcher, even lamp remote control. All these can be yours, and all you need is an iPhone.

This is just one of the latest Apple ads that builds up the ways one can use an iPhone 5s. Apple’s bottom line is that you don’t really need something extra powerful. Because if you will simply look at raw numbers and spec sheets, the iPhone 5s might not look as impressive. But they say looks can be deceiving and the iPhone might be exactly so. Sure you might need a few accessories or apps here and there to make it all happen, but you definitely won’t need to buy another smartphone. At least if you already have an iPhone.

One interesting thing to note about some recent smartphone ads are how they are trying to cozy up to parents. Even Samsung’s pitch for the Galaxy S5’s waterproof properties try to sell the device to parents. These manufacturers might be realizing that their target market of the past few years are most likely all grown up now, with different priorities and needs. They might no longer be fascinated by clock speeds and pixel counts, but they’re still tech savvy enough to reach for a smartphone faster than paper phonebook.

It also betrays a shift in how we relate not just with friends but family as well, even our own kids. The smartphone is not just an accessory anymore, it has become a bridge, and sometimes a wall, when interacting with people. Whether that is a development or a regression is something yet to be decided. That’s just how things are going right now and Apple, naturally, wants the iPhone to be at the center of it all.

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