iPhone 5S specifications may hinge on local voice dictation

Chris Burns - Jul 8, 2013, 1:34pm CDT
iPhone 5S specifications may hinge on local voice dictation

Apple’s next release cycle for the iPhone will be an incremental one – if all goes per tradition, that is. As the iPhone 4 was released, the iPhone 4S upgraded with a few specifications that didn’t exactly warrant a whole new name (thus the S). The same was true of the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3GS, and now with the iPhone 5, it would appear that we’re edging close to another half-step, this time bringing something slightly less awe-inspiring than Siri.

What’s being tipped this afternoon is the appearance of an exclusive feature for the iPhone 5S, that being local voice dictation. If you’re all about speaking to your iPhone now, you know that unless you’re hooked up with the web, you’re not getting the full-on instant keying-in of your voice once you’ve spoken aloud. With the iPhone 5S and its version of iOS 7, it all may change.

Though the iPhone 5S is tipped to be bringing the iPhone 5 back with the same camera, the same display, and the same physical body – more or less – it should be made clear that whatever Apple releases at their next big event, it’ll be running iOS 7. This mobile operating system is one that was introduced at the company’s developer conference earlier this year and is currently working in Beta mode on developer devices throughout the United States – and abroad, albeit unofficially.

Recent leaks of the so-called iPhone 5S suggest that internal structures have been altered a bit, but that the final result will be a device that is, on the whole, a machine that’ll be difficult to tell apart from the iPhone 5.

Have a peek at recent reports for additional insight and let us know if you’re all about switching up. Or if you’re thinking about going plastic/budget, of course.

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