iPhone 5S Outsells iPhone 5C 3:1 In The UK

Apple attempted to lure in shoppers on a budget when it launched the iPhone 5C alongside the iPhone 5S a few months ago. The iPhone 5S has proven to be a big seller for Apple, while the iPhone 5C hasn't been as popular. Apple has reportedly cut back on orders for the iPhone 5C to help produce more iPhone 5S models to meet demand.

A report has surfaced in the UK looking at the sales of both versions of the iPhone and the iPhone 5S is significantly outselling the cheaper iPhone 5C. According to the numbers from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, the iPhone 5S is outselling the iPhone 5C by a margin of three to one.

The firm does say that the iPhone 5C appeals to a broader audience and has attracted new customers to try the brand for the first time. The numbers show that almost half of iPhone 5C buyers switched from competitors, particularly Samsung or LG. On the other hand, 80% of iPhone 5S buyers upgraded from a different version of the iPhone.

While the iPhone 5S is doing well, Android remains the most popular OS in the UK. Android currently holds 56% of the market with Apple having 29%. Windows Phone has 12% of the market in the UK with BlackBerry having a minuscule 3%. Check out our review of the iPhone 5S for more details on Apple's latest smartphone.

SOURCE: Telegraph