iPhone 5 two-handsets-per-customer limitation lifted

There has been a notable shortage in iPhone 5 supplies, with Foxconn having reported since the phone's launch that it was having trouble keeping up with demand. To help ease the supply burdens, Apple instituted a two-handsets-per-customer rule. That limitation has been lifted, however, now that supply issues are being shorted out.

Apple hasn't officially said anything on the matter, but it has been noted that the stipulation "two per customer" for the iPhone 5 has been removed from Apple's online store. In addition, it also seems the ten-per-lifetime rule is also gone. Says MacRumors, customers are instead imposed with a ten-per-transaction limit, with no lifetime limit on the number that can be bought.

This comes a few days after Apple began selling unlocked iPhone 5's via its online store, which were limited to two-per-customer. A quick jaunt through the Apple Store's checkout system confirms that more than two devices can be ordered at once. You can nab the 16GB model for $649, the 32GB for $749, and the 64GB for $849.

The iPhone 5 has a 4-inch Retina screen and an anodized aluminum body. The device runs an A6 chip, and is the same width as the iPhone 4S despite the bigger display. While last week shipping on the Apple Online Store stated "Available to ship: 1 week," it now says "Available: 2 – 4 business days." This is a big drop from the almost 4 week wait that it peaked at.

[via CNET]