iPhone 5 to reportedly support multiple LTE networks around the world

It's widely expected that the iPhone 5 will come with LTE functionality, but a new report from the Wall Street Journal pegs the device with support for multiple LTE networks around the world. Precisely which LTE networks the iPhone 5 will support is currently up in the air, but WSJ says that they include markets in Europe, Asia, and the United States. That could be a big win for iPhone 5 owners, as it means they could take advantage of the LTE roaming in many places around the world.

It could also be a big win for those who were left feeling perturbed by the 4G LTE implementation in the newest iPad, which didn't allow users to use 4G LTE in regions outside the US. The Qualcomm MDM9615 chip that's rumored to feature in the next iPhone will likely solve that issue, as it would allow for compatibility with more LTE bands than the chip found in the third-generation iPad.

We've seen devices that can handle multiple LTE bands before, but the idea is still rather new. Since there's a wide variety of LTE bands in use, most of the phones we have today are essentially region locked when it comes to 4G LTE. However, we're beginning to see manufacturers offer phones that are compatible with LTE bands in multiple regions, and it seems that Apple wants to add its name to that list of manufacturers that are doing so.

The extend of the iPhone 5's LTE compatibility remains unclear, but it won't be long before we find out the actual details from Apple. The company is set to hold an event on September 12, where its expected to unveil the iPhone 5, and it's there that we'll probably be finding out all of the juicy details. Be sure to tune into our liveblog of the event at 10 AM PST on September 12, and alsoto take a look at our Apple portal for all of the latest rumors!