iPhone 5 test photo supposedly leaks

It may look like a tempting plate of uni, hirame and other sushi delights, but this photo may actually be the first publicly-spotted photo taken by the iPhone 5. Caught on Flickr, although the description suggests it's the product of an iPhone 4, the EXIF data says different. Cropped down to roughly 5-megapixels from its original 3264 x 2448 – or roughly 8-megapixels, the expected resolution of the iPhone 5 camera – the location data suggests it was taken by an Apple engineer eating lunch in the campus canteen.

If this really is the product of an iPhone 5 prototype, then photographers have some fun incoming. According to the EXIF, the camera that shot the image has a 4.3mm f/2.4 lens, a considerable step up from the 3.85mm f/2.8 of the existing iPhone 4. That should add up to improved low-light performance and less noise.

Now, falsifying EXIF data is an easy thing to do, and the iPhone 5 has no shortage of rumors attached to it. However, the stack of evidence – including the location where it was taken and the fact that it's an Apple software engineer with his finger on the shutter button – does leave us slightly more confident.

[via Pocketnow]