iPhone 5 specs tipped by Foxconn worker

The next generation iPhone, tentatively titled iPhone 5, has been tipped by a Foxconn China employee and is said to ready for production now with a summer launch in the wings. This newest iPhone is said to have several iterations being tested at the moment, with no one model being the clear victor before full production begins. Each of these devices has at least a 4-inch display with one of them being made by LG.

Each of the devices being tipped here are symmetrical in thickness, this meaning they're the same width at the top as at the base with no "teardrop-shape" in any of them. Each model is also longer and/or wider than the current iPhone 4S. None of the devices being tipped have the same form factor as the iPhone 4/4S, and none of the devices are absolutely final in their build.

This source speaking with 9to5mac is who they said tipped them late last summer on the iPhone 5 saying that it wasn't going to happen and that Apple was at the time building the iPhone 4S instead. Because that tip turned out to be so very, very accurate, we can only expect the same level of assuredness from this newest tip as well. So what's that mean, a bigger iPhone that's still slender without a form-fitting back? That certainly sounds like something that could turn out to be true!

[via 9to5mac]