iPhone 5 overtakes Galaxy S III in mobile web traffic

Apple's iPhone 5 has been out for only a few weeks, while Samsung's Galaxy S III has been available for months now. Mobile advertising network and research firm Chitika has said that mobile web traffic on the iPhone 5 has already surpassed web traffic on the Galaxy S III by 12 percentage points.

Chitika conducted an analysis on millions of mobile ad impressions on the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S III, which spanned a 7-day period from October 3 to October 9. Obviously, the iPhone 5 was only a couple weeks old at the time, but after the week-long study, Chitika found that out of all the web traffic coming from these two devices, the iPhone 5 claimed 56% of it.

That's a pretty amazing statistic for a phone that's only three weeks old, releasing just last month on September 22. The Galaxy S III was released on May 29, which was more than four months ago. However, this doesn't mean that Galaxy S III sales are doing poorly, and I'm sure Samsung is very happy with the way the device is moving.

Then again, these statistics are showing that iPhone users are the most active when it comes to the mobile web, and Chitika argues that web developers are targeting the iPhone 5 first when it comes to optimizing online content for mobile consumption. However, the Galaxy S III and other Android devices obviously aren't being ignored.

[via The Next Web]